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The Fab Collab is a group of 4 fabricating artists who join forces and collaborate on designing and fabricating sculpture projects.
Sculpture is art, but so is the process of developing and creating sculpture. The Fab Collab maximizes on both of these qualities of art engagement.
The bulk of the fabrication process occurs on site and in plain view of the public and can transpire from 4 to 20 days. During this time viewers are encouraged to engage with the artists which gives the viewer a unique and personal experience with the work.
There is a true sense of artistic community formed at Fab Collab events. Viewers have the opportunity to watch not one but four artists work as though they are in the artist's studio. The artists provide demonstrations on carpentry, metal fabrication, textiles and mixed media assemblage. The artists are there to work as much as they are there to answer questions and explain their
artistic process. Each Fab Collab series has a climax so to speak.
The climax of each project is sure to draw a captive audience. Whether it’s a simple unveiling of the finished piece or setting the finished piece ablaze in a moment of frenzied anticipation, viewers want to be a part of the completion.

Each Fab Collab project is custom designed and site specific. Tailoring the project to suit the needs of the patron is a lot of fun for both the artist and the patron. The completed sculptures are weatherproof and made to last for a determined
amount of time, be it 1 month, 1 year or indefinably.

The completed sculptures are the property of the patron. Fab Collab projects start at $5,000 and can be scaled to suit whatever the imagination can produce.

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