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Kent Hutchison

Kent Hutchison Fab Collab.jpg

Kent Hutchison is a multidisciplinary artist living in Green Bay, WI, who has been creating sculptures and paintings for over 15 years. He fabricates in various metals ranging from mild steel to bronze. He often uses hand-blown glass elements and kinetic features in his work. Kent works with a large scale because he wants to impact the landscape and provide the viewer with a dramatic experience. 

Kent started the Fab Collab in 2018 as a means to bridge relationships among the artistic community and to highlight the process of collaborative fabrication. Multiple minds yield much brighter fruit than one.

He has a deep passion for being the conduit between people to art. He believes that the arts play a much bigger role in our lives than most people would give it credit for. This is why public art activism has become a large part of Kent's focus.


He is the founding Chair of the Green Bay Public Arts Commission, director of the Unhinged Exhibition and is a member of multiple boards including 3 Arts boards and 2 neighborhood and community boards. He is currently working on a number of different public art initiatives. Kent and his wife Bear live happily in Green Bay with their 3 nutzo kids.

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