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Jeff Benson

Jeff Benson Fab Collab Sculptor

I have been a creator all my life using whatever media attracted me at the time. From the first hammer blow on hot steel, I was in love, forging hot metal instantly became my passion. The process of transforming linear bar stock into graceful yet strong forms still fascinates me. I continue to explore the many qualities of metals and the multitude of techniques available to create beautiful and functional works that will endure for generations. While steel is my primary media I enjoy working with and including other materials such as wood, stone, glass, and others in my creations.

As an artist blacksmith who works alone, I relish the opportunity to create with my Fab Collab tribe. All contributing artists bring different expertise, skills and perspective to our projects. The short design-build timeline format we use creates constant opportunities for on the fly design and collaboration. Creating our works of art in front of a live audience adds the elements of performance and excitement to the process.

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